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Can’t do read mores in mobile
But I’m just laying here pooping
I’m so stressed rn
I’ve been trying to ignore it
But I keep gettin headaches and getting annoyed with bae v easily and then I feel bad omg
Like I need to draw things for my art class on my comp
And I also need to draw a loading screen for a vidya game
And do a bunch of Skype things that correlate with the whole server and stuff but I haven’t had hardly any free time for that bc I’m so exhausted after school and I’ve been busy or so many weekends
But with school I go in like an hour and a half early and my first class lasts 3 hours and school gets out later than last year so by the time I get home it’s almost 4 and just a day in school feels incredibly long and boring especially when I only NEED to do ONE class but there is no online course so they forced me to take other classes
Then on top of that I have to keep up with all the chores around the house, study my drivers manual bc my mom wants me to get my license soon and also I have to attempt to study for the asvab in October. I’ll also have to take my ACT or the other test before December 19th bc I want to be legible for a 4 year college if able, THEN after I graduate and I get accepted into the Air Force I have to go to the gym and get physically prepared bc if I don’t I’ll be like dead lmao
Then I keep worrying about the bae bc he’s going to be stressed out bc I won’t be with him for multiple years but I’ll still get time to visit, I just don’t want to hurt him
It’s just so much to think about
Hhhhhh :(

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