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Anonymous asked:

Honestly you're waay too intimidate to try to hit up in person. Like god damn I'd be stunned in your presence.

Omf really? I never thought that I could be intimidating, like in real life I’m really quiet but I laugh at everything
But awww :”)

Once this boy tried to hmu with a calculator in geometry and I was like
“That’s …not the right answer ” because I didn’t realize at first and he kept trying to hold it up to me and I was like “I’m confused” and he got embarrassed and was like “I’m such a nerd I’m sorry” and I realized it was hIS PHONE NUMBER and I started laughing really hard and I ended up giving him my number because I was trying to be nice but I forgot that where I got my phone the area code is diff so I didn’t include it so he probably tried to text me that day and I didn’t respond and he never talked to me since
And I can’t believe

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